Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oneness: a rejection of Good and Evil?

For a long time now I have been interested in the idea that negativity is an illusion.  It serves to keep our minds comfortably just the way they are, however uncomfortable it may seem.  It keeps us apart from knowing and seeing, and serves to incite a "fight or flight" response.  Thus this fearful mind is not willing to explore that which it fights or flees; it uses energy to repel ideas, to repel unwanted realities.

But here I am, saying negativity is an illusion and yet describing its existence.  How can this be?  I really don't know.  Maybe negativity is just a word originally understood as describing a complex process, and not a state of being.

Negativity exists only because we allow it to; it is areas in our minds where we foster contradictory or incomplete thoughts about the nature of reality.  We vainly uphold these ideas in our minds, using and choosing them, when what we should do is drop them and keep searching.  It is imagination, just as happiness is.  But happiness is more complete imagination.  Happiness is letting go of all of your presumptions and accepting that you "know" nothing.  You must die, you must let go and let yourself be changed.  It is a state of constant flux and interaction with the chaotic stimuli of the world.  We were made to handle and be assaulted by all of this chaos at once.  Good and Bad will mean nothing, once you act from within.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hypnotism has been misrepresented in movies for four decades; e.g., the hypnotized person goes into a trance-like state during which they are liable to say or indeed sometimes do anything the hypnotist wants them to.  Real hypnotism does not take away any control or perception of reality from the person performed upon.  It only gives verbal suggestions with which he could place himself in a very comfortable mental state from which he feels able to access any feelings and sense landscapes: memories and dreams.  From there, the hypnotist acts as a psychotherapist, feeling out the kinks in the person's fabrics and leading the person to them.  So, it can be a very powerful tool for unlocking one's mind, for removing the binds that detract us from being all that we can be.  The process is an opening of the mind to new associations among things that make it up, a complete acceptance of self-change.  There are infinite paths that can be taken to reach the Truth and infinite ways of expressing it -- but not a single one, no matter how accurate and poetic a description it is, can have any real authority over any other.  We cannot be defined, we cannot anticipate ourselves.  Thus, hypnotism is a path to truth.  We are not removed from reality by it because WE are reality.

Just as hypnotism is a path to truth, Music is a path to truth, Reading is a path to truth, your Pet (and friend) Dog is a path to truth, Yoga and Tantra are paths to truth, even appreciating plants can be a path to truth.  Yours is a unique journey, don't worry about the what or why, because total acceptance of all leads to transcendence and the realization of immortality, and if you love you shall become love.

The "realization of immortality" is a deep feeling that cannot be described with words, and is attained in moments of Truth (when we feel everything).  If we allow it to take hold of and transform us, Light shall encompass all our being and we shall see as we are meant to.  It would be the greatest bliss to know that I've described my knowledge of this well enough that others could see some part of its truth in themselves and from it, grow further.  That is my long-term aim in my blogging.