Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dandelion Damsel, I Adore You

In conversation we are never impersonal.  We never refer to something outside of us, though we can imagine it so.  With strange luck people fall into one another and mesh, and they become one as the parts that do not mix peel away from their melting/solidifying bodies: as we objectively approach this novel meltingness its beauty and intricacy seem to invite us to know them. 
When we attempt to take Nature seriously, as if we understand her and some unspoken contract exists which we are to respect in our actions towards her (but almost never in thought), -- when we forget that we are her, she will tend to be playful.  This playfulness can make us laugh or cry, can give us a moment of peace that reaches to all of our being, and can kill us instantly without the slightest anticipation on our part.  The respect we learn to have for other human beings we must have for Nature, in exactly the same way.  Never pretend to know everything about her, always admire every feature and believe her the most beautiful of her kind.  Even if you feel slightly a phony at first, take that as part of her unforgiving attitude of playfulness, because you will eventually be one with her beauty and admire her in earnest.
Nature is always artificial and real.  It's aspects are like different people, moving around through our lives, sometimes staying and sometimes leaving, depending on your solicitation and on their temperament.   Sometimes we have to go back to a certain person long gone in order to move on.