Thursday, June 16, 2011

pain and hope

Hello, internet!  This is my first blog, and I am excited to be writing for teachers, office workers, politicians, psychopaths, toddlers, and pedobears everywhere!  I will write about whatever; personal stories, natural sciences, gossip, philosophy, music, noise, literature, clowns crawling through my gutters, biographies, my ideals, etc.  All posts will pertain to the weirdest and/or the most transcendent iedolóns that surface from me.

It is one and the same that I am writing this for all of you and for all of myself.  I go forward with the wish to grow and learn from this writing experience.   And now, chaos.

(Moths unpeel their wings and shiver off and out of mind.  Some are cramped and a little clumsy, but exposure to flames and spiders will make them robust.  Their future is assured by their numbers; the population will not be kept idle.)  Other animals will greet us.

My body is warming up and cannot suffer to be insulated by its own thoughts and ideas, else it will have to cool down and will fail to become one with the ever-changing, ever-chaotic world outside.

The world is chaos, but we know --we know-- that we can exist in it happily.  We only need to pay a little attention to see the hope that is offered.

That part inside of us that gives encouraging words to a sibling when we feel they need it, or that makes us hug someone who needs it, which drives us crazy if we choose to ignore it... that part of me, and of you, is the eternal Hope.  We need nothing else to be happy except to always remember how we felt during those moments.  I truly believe this.  In choosing to be happy we must also choose to suffer when our attempts are in vain, to bear it when someone hurts us...  but life IS suffering, and happiness IS a choice that does not exclude any pain.  Choosing to be happy is choosing to have faith that we all deserve to love and be loved, that what is innermost in you is not so different from what is innermost in everyone. 

I have always been fascinated with science and the mysterious universe we find ourselves in, and don't believe in anything supernatural.  People would always react funny when I told them I didn't believe in God, of course.  I still don't, and never will, believe in the idea of a sentient Creator who created the universe with us in mind.  However, I have also come into the view that negating, falsifying, disproving, or ignoring ideas is mental masturbation, and cannot be as productive as freely given and openly accepted mental sex.  IF I already know what I know, why should I treat the opinion of another as a threat?  Why believe that what they are trying to express is an exact counter-point to what I feel?  Why assume that we understand one another perfectly, or that I understand myself perfectly?  I do not understand myself, and I never will.  I will never make someone understand me.

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